KREVICY is a creative video production agency

with a passion for social issues, sustainable progress and creating a better world altogether. We design and produce video's that raise awareness, rally support and call to action. For there's nothing like a well made video to engage and to inspire.

We offer a combined twenty years of experience in developing, writing and producing creative stories. And we offer fresh insights and imaginative ideas for your overall communication goals.

We love to be involved in the early stages of a communication plan to provide thoughts and solutions even before video is involved. It helps us tailor any video best to your needs. And keep costs low.

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We like to keep things lean and mean, agile and affordable. We work with a large gang of creative professionals.

Tim is a writer and director with 15 years of experience making documentaries, drama and commercials which have earned him several national and international awards. (Cannes 2014) He is convinced any topic can produce a fascinating and inspiring video. And he loves to prove it.

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Femke is an all-round producer with an impressive track record producing corporate films, commercials, docs and drama. There is nothing (except for chocolate) that makes her more happy than planning and getting things done. With her baffling enthusiasm she always knows how to inspire people and make things happen. And at a warp speed that often amazes.

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Peter Jan is a creative producer with 20 years of experience producing feature films (Ja Zuster Nee Zuster, Little Crumb, Sonny Boy), corporate films and commercials. Recently he focused this expertise on solving the city's waste problem and now he finds himself running a rather successful durability-solution too. With Krevicy Peter Jan combines both passions.

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contact: - 06 - 19 34 20 14 of - 06 47 13 23 65